AI Maturity Assessment & Plan

Navigate the AI maze with ease. Our comprehensive AI MAP services provides a clear roadmap, helping you understand your current Ai capabilities and outlining actionable steps for future growth.   

Ideal Use Case Clarity

Don’t get lost in the sea of possibilities. Our Ideal Use Case Clarity service helps you to pinpoint the most impactful AI implications for your business, ensuring you focus on what really matters.

Advisory Services

Stay ahead of the curve with our Advisory Services. We offer bespoke solutions tailored to your needs, supporting leadership in executing effective Data Analytics & AI strategies.


“[Catalytics] developed and deployed the latest technologies to drive us to be a more data-driven organization. If you are undertaking an initiative to improve marketing technology and advance your analytics capabilities, I would encourage you to partner with Catalytics.”

Rebecca Messina
SVP and Global CMO at Beam Suntory

“Catalytics’ focused energy ensured that our dollar investment was well managed and team members were motivated. If your organization is undergoing a transformational change, I would highly recommend partnering with Catalytics to ensure long-term success.”

Kathleen Keyes
VP, Global Data & Analytics at Keurig Dr Pepper

"Frank has a talent for communicating complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. He has a deep understanding of the business and is able to effectively communicate with business leaders to help them see the value in analytics. His ability to drive collaboration across the org made him an invaluable asset to our team. Overall, I highly recommend Frank for any analytics role."

Marla Immanuel
Director, Financial Systems & Reporting at Keurig Dr Pepper

His organizational and leadership skills are always on display, from the way he aligns team members while preparing to deliver Data, Analytics & AI initiatives, his understanding and ability to create strategy, tactics and communication plans … Frank is an asset to all organizations and his abilities shine through no matter the circumstances.”

JR Cahill
Director, Enterprise Architecture at Kirkland & Ellis

“Frank Mendoza brings a unique balance of analytics & salesmanship that makes him an asset to any team. I have had the privledge of working with Frank in 2 different capacities and his results are consistently top quality. He is the right guy if you have a big problem that needs a sustainable solution.”

Michelle Brigman
CX Executive & President at The Brave Advantage

"Frank truly is one of a kind, with domain expertise in Machine Learning and predictive analytics, as well as previous Customer Success experience, he commands understanding in both the data AND the necessary context, hard to find, in my opinion. Was my pleasure working with him." Highly recommend him! “

Mike Haygood
Founder & CEO at umbrella

"Frank was a pleasure to work with and provided exceptional work product. With quick onboarding and turnaround times, he jumped in with both feet first and was able to create real value for our project. Highly recommend him! “

Natacha Hildebrand
Entrepreneur In Residence (Community + Content) at Nike

“Strategist, effective communicator, and project leader all come to mind when describing Frank. Frank's level-headed approach while leading our CE team really laid the foundation for our success.” Highly recommend him! “

Wade Parmer
Global Sales Ops Leader at AWS