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Since our inception in 2015, Catalytics has been unlocking new growth opportunities for some of the worlds most influential companies. 

Our approach ensures that solutions are strategically aligned to you business objectives.

With Catalytics, you are not just adopting AI, you are choosing a strategic partner committed to your long term success.

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Within the AI Chasm

Analysis Paralysis

With countless AI apps released daily, businesses feel unsure of where to focus their efforts to maximise business efforts. 

Dazed & Confused

The process of integrating Ai into existing systems and the fear & resistance to change, can create a state of confusion. 

Falling Behind

The sense of urgency and anxiety of trying to keep up with competitors and stay at the forefront of innovation. 


Doubts on the ROI from AI initiatives can make the path towards realizing tangible value appear fraught with risk and ambiguity. 

Cross the Chasm with​ Catalytics

Hi, I am Frank Mendoza.

As Founder of Catalytics, I’ve had the privilege of assisting my clients in overcoming the fear and anxiety that comes with implementing AI solutions within their organization. 

With over two decades of experience in Strategy and Data science, I’ve collaborated with leading brands to create and execute AI strategies that are finely tuned to address their distinct industry challenges. 

Whether your facing challenges in implementing AI or striving to lay the foundation for long-term success, I’m here to lend a helping hand. 

I look forward to helping your business harness the true potential of data.

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